Organizational Well-Being

Executive Effectiveness and People Development

Executives who drive people development and lead effectively are the catalysts to organizational well-being.

"An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success." Stephen R. Covey 

In a rapidly changing business environment, driven by IT and technological innovation, combined with the demographic change of less employable and qualified personnel in the years to come, organizations need to focus on talent attraction and on the long-term and future-proof employability of the organization’s executives, experts, knowledge workers and talents with individual development, responding to the need for personal and professional growth which directly impacts employees' loyalty and engagement towards the future growth and well-being of the organization. 

Organizational Well-Being grows from the inside of every person and radiates to the outside of the company, affecting customers and prospects, suppliers, research partners, investors, potential hires and other stakeholders and partners. The consequences are sustainable organizational performance and growth.

The components of organizational well-being are a thriving culture, an engaged workforce experiencing meaning and fulfillment at work, authentic leadership, continuous learning and progress. This climate emerges from esteem and compassion and it is fostered by mutual understanding and respect and facilitates readiness to change, leading to individual and organizational success by achieving the business and organizational objectives. This creates a workplace characterized by authenticity, community, passion, purpose and empowerment, commitment and accountability for the contribution to the success of the whole organization.

What can you do to contribute to Organizational Well-Being?

  • Creating the right Culture, Mission, Vision, Values and Communication.
  • Embracing leadership to grow individuals and the organization to their full potential.
  • Increasing self-awareness, self-management, resilience and well-being.
  • Strengthening social awareness, relationship management and building trust.
  • Shifting mindset and skillset for lifelong learning and future-proof employability.
  • Building success factors : self-leadership, collaboration, creativity, innovation.
  • Developing the learning leader and the learning organization.
  • Identifying opportunities for organizational growth and well-being.
  • Anticipating and responding to changes, trends, and opportunities.
  • Authentic and confident leadership, effective management and communication.
  • Inspiring intrinsic motivation of others to achieve results for the organization.
  • Understanding how to develop others for roles and leadership in the organization.
  • Demonstrating enthusiasm and passion for the work.
  • Coaching or mentoring others to high-performance and well-being.
  • Onboarding of newly hired or promoted executives

Coaching supports you

initiating meaning-full changes.

building trust and confidence.

involving employees.

increasing contribution.

ensuring achievement.

making mind-shifts.

staying focused.

to get results that matter.

Company Programs

Methods of conversation and Principles of Balanced & Empowered Leadership

10% Verbal + 90% Non Verbal = 100% Potential

The 5 Roles of Leadership

Understanding the importance of balancing the 5 Roles for Empowered Leadership. A Leadership Role Model that brings clarity, simplicity and awareness to the leader’s journey at creating future-proof business and organizational well-being.

Your Leadership Profile

Learning the fluid interplay and the artful combination of the 5 leadership roles to context and people.


Getting insights on which roles you currently ignore or are actively avoiding.


Discover the shadow sites of overemphasized Leadership-Roles.


Discover and activate your untapped potential.

The 8 Step Process

Building the organizational culture for contribution of empowered people becoming trusted, effective and socially intelligent leaders.

Training, Workshops, Coaching, Consulting

Solution Focused Coaching

The Team, Group, Executive 1:1 and HR Staff and Onboarding coaching programs are tailormade services that match your desired outcome, goals, values and ambitions. Depending on your organization, the coaching program deliverables, execution modalities, evaluation steps and measures as well as action plans for sustainability will be set up together with your managing director, responsible representatives from human resources, L&D and Training and the coachees, groups or teams with their respective managers and leaders.

Before coaching begins, all partners consider how the confidentiality of the information will be managed, like individual and group/team goals, performance and personality assessments, coaching goals, career aspirations, performance appraisals, interpersonal conflicts, details of coaching discussions, details of feedback sessions or documentation, proprietary or organizationally sensitive information etc. All partners agree on what will or will not be shared, with whom, by whom, when, in what form, and under what circumstances.

The feedback mechanism includes scheduled feedback sessions on the level of progress towards goal accomplishment, on the effectiveness of the coaching process and on the coach's approach and effectiveness of supporting the coachees, groups or teams. The feedback includes roadblocks identified during the coaching program that are related to structural, systems and leadership issues that are outside of the control and span of action of the coachees, groups or teams. 

See also our consulting programs on organizational development to support the individuals to contribute to their fullest potential. The organization´s potential is bigger than the sum of it´s individuals when culture, vision, mission, leadership and collaboration are acting as co-creative components.

Organizational Growth

Focus on people 


Managers are leaders who create the conditions for growth and for support of a sustainable, thriving workplace environment where employees can help build the kind of future that they want to be a part of.



Learn and develop.

Measure and hold accountable.


Appreciate - Engage - Empower.

Make people matter.

Create meaning.

Grow together.

 Celebrate success!

Create the future you want.