Executive onboarding coaching

The jewel in the onboarding process

For newly hired leaders and managers who have a broad functional knowledge, coming into a new organization where they need to perform quickly.


New leaders have to establish trust and new relationships as a foundation to achieve the goals and results for which they have been hired. Because new executives face many different and unique situations, effective onboarding should be tailored to the specific needs of the organization and the newly hired executive.

By integrating onboarding coaching into your onboarding process, you are taking a feed forward approach that fulfills the basic need for safety, belonging and mattering of the newcomer for an immediate emotional onboarding in the new organization and role. Creating awareness and trust allows for relationships to build for successful leadership and collaboration. This is a crucial first step laying the foundation to tackle the tasks and challenges at hand for which the newcomer has been hired.

At the start of the program, a detailed coaching agreement ensures a tailor-made approach for the coachee and the organization.

If you want to include coaching for executive onboarding, set up your onboarding process, or re-invent your existent process, contact us for more information on the coaching program or for a roadmap and consultancy.