Human Resource Staff Coaching

on location

This program is for coaching HR executives, staff members and teams in organizations located in the broader region of Euregio Maas-Rhein in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and in Luxembourg.

The HR role is evolving and HR professionals need to redefine their roles and their contribution to the company. Usually expected outcomes are a well-executed HR organization strategy mapped to the business strategy, an efficient corporate infrastructure, an increase in employee commitment and capability, and organizational renewal. Thereby, HR professionals need to concentrate on business relevant needs and to be more proactive to find customized solutions for the real business issues. HR executives need to forecast critical social, legislative and people trends, leading the organization in implementing programs and systems that really matter to and fit the business.

The HR Staff coaching program aims at innovative personal and organizational approaches and consists of realizing the individual's and team's desired contribution to sustainable organizational performance and growth, reflecting the individual's and team's current, desired and future focus and role in the organization. The expected outcome is stated in terms of impact on  long-term and future-proof employability, personal and professional growth and organizational well-being. The results of the coaching program are evaluated against significant qualitative and quantitative measures.

At the start of the program, a detailed coaching agreement ensures a tailor-made approach for HR Staff and the organization.