Vision and Mission of YouLead

The conscious way of leading people, organizations and transformative innovation


Growing together and leading the way to the well-being of the organization, society and the planet.


Inspire people to develop their awareness of their abilities to shape the future together with a co-creative and collaborative approach, to act innovatively and to have a regenerative impact on our living space.


I see myself as a renewing and transforming coach for personal and organizational innovation, with an inspiring vision to well-being from an authentic and self-determined personal lifestyle. 


My focus is on the human side of the business and professional world. I foster fundamental meta-competencies such as trust-building, connectedness, and conducive interpersonal interactions and conversations for empathic navigation, innovative leadership, and equal collaboration inside and outside the organization.


I guide business leaders, executives, and enterprising, customer-focused people in transforming ambitions and intentions into the desired impact. 


With a holistic, systemic and mindfulness-based approach, I accompany organizational development processes and transformative, innovative future design with multi-stakeholder participation in complex contexts.



For private professional matters as for leadership topics and modern organizational development I offer Individual, Team- and Group- Coaching. I work with a holistic, solution focused and neuroscientifically based approach, embracing the core principles of freedom of choice, leadership, emotional/social intelligence and mindfulness.


With foundational programs of ‚Mindful Leadership’‚ ‚Mindfulness Meets Business‘ and ‚Mind-Shifts for Innovation, Growth and Well-Being' and workshops embracing the business and organizational context, I support individual and organizational growth and well-being.


As a Mindful Hatha Yoga & MBSR Yoga Teacher, I conduct workshops and retreats for companies, executives and professionals, who want to tap into their inner strength and wisdom with discovering and deepening their mindfulness and yoga practice in an experiential way.

I work with my clients on crafting your compelling vision for authentically living up to your aspirations and to shift mind-sets for applying foundational meta competencies to build trust, connect, lead, learn, develop, collaborate and create with mutually beneficial conversations and interactions among peers, co-workers, managers, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders within and across all boundaries in the value chain. 

For a beneficial way of leadership & collaboration, I provide training and practical guidance on neuroscience based methods of conversation, based on Judith E. Glaser's worldwide successful model Conversational Intelligence® .  

The revolutionary model for socially intelligent leadership by Linda Kohanov ‚The Five Roles of a Master Herder‘, is the foundation for deploying the potential of the 90% non verbal share in interpersonal interactions through Empowered & Balanced Leadership. This model serves with clarity and simplicity as an ideal platform to connect all relevant concepts in leadership, organizational development, innovation and social intelligence.

For developing innovative and future-proof solutions, for which the experience and behaviour of the past are not suitable anymore, I work with the model of ‚Theory U‘ and ‚Leading from the emerging future‘ by Otto Scharmer et Al. (MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Presencing Institute). From this system thinking are emerging modern methods of a mindfulness based system change for a collaborative and co-creative design of the future, aiming for the well-being of all stakeholders. It’s a shift from EGO-system to ECO-system.

In times of pending decisions towards Industry and Work 4.0, facing real-time innovation and performance challenges, demographic change, employee disengagement and burn-out, leaders at all levels are required to create the meaning and space for ‚Organizational Well-Being‘. Being able to establish the purpose for engagement and collaboration creates a desire to meet current and newly emerging customer expectations. Aligning the individual's and organizational values and bringing the company’s vision alive by pursuing common goals gets to meaningful actions and results. This inevitably leads to sustainable viability and success on a personal as well as on an organizational level.

When setting up the human interfaces first, being able to ride the waves of uncertainty and change, companies get prepared for taking well-timed decisions and for designing the new digital integration and business models for the future. We call upon the latest concepts for creating the future state in a market driven and VUCA context.

 All the best,


Sylvia Kaldenbach-Blesgen

Executive Coach

My favourite quote that inspired me :


“Only as high as I reach can I grow,

only as far as I seek can I go,

only as deep as I look can I see,

only as much as I dream can I be.”

Karen Raven

Sylvia Kaldenbach has leverage from hands-on and supervisory assignments during 26 years in SME‘s and international corporate organizations, in a wide variety of business functions in the medical diagnostics, chemical and packaging industry : Customer Service, Sales, Logistics and Material Handling, Production Planning and Inventory Management, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Technology, Audits and Assessments, Management Systems for Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Food Safety and Training, Knowledge and Competency Management.


She has worked in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium. In her various roles, she has been responsible for setting and achieving business targets as well as leading teams and project groups to higher performance, improving workflow and collaboration, setting up new systems and work processes and their implementation in the organization. Her expertise includes organizational development through Training, Knowledge and Competency Management.


Certified Executive Coach

Symbiosis Coaching Program

Mindful Hatha Yoga & MBSR Yoga Teacher

Mindful Yoga Academy Certificate

RYT200 Yoga Alliance Registry ID: 179782

Master Spirit Life Coach

Symbiosis Coaching Program

MBA, Master of Business Administration

University of Warwick, UK

Licenciée en Sciences Chimiques

Université Notre-Dame de la Paix Namur, Belgium