Coaching for professional ambitions

Individual Setting

Boost the progress of your endeavour with support from a professional coach, in face to face meetings or via Skype / Audio&Video conferencing. You aren’t bound to a location and save travelling time to get to the coaching meeting when working online with your coach. Make progress wherever you are.

Start with crafting your compelling vision as your guidance to fulfillment and well-being.

Emotional Intelligence

EI is the biggest success factor in (professional) life and the basis for a successful communication.


Being authentic in your executive competence and leadership quality, even without a formal position or authority in the hierarchy.


The foundation of your success and well-being. The fertile soil for your ambitions.

Future-Proof Employability

Take on responsibility for your systematic professional development, creating inspiring opportunities.

Midlife Empowered

Discover your passions. Empower yourself and get the sense of your vitality.

for gaining clarity quickly

If you recently took over a new position or project or you are going to have a job or career move, if you are confronted unprepared with an embarrassing situation or a change, if you have to make an important decision within a short time frame, or when you are running out of time for the successful completion of your plans and projects or for a desired behaviour change - implement your best solution quickly with the support from a professional coach. 

Coaching in a group setting

People who want to improve on or to change a specific topic with impact on their professional life and well-being are going to find their solutions in a group of likeminded peers with support and facilitation of a coach.

Coaching in the organization

Your employer will determine with you whether coaching is the best solution for the topic at hand.