Coaching Leadership for Personal and Professional Growth

Boost your self-leadership to realize your personal and professional ambitions. You best know what is right for you. Coaching Leadership supports to allow yourself to lead your life from your inner place of strength. Trust yourself at leading and engaging others with authenticity and confidence.

Coaching Leadership and Coaching Emotional Intelligence go hand in hand, both supported by a mindful way of connecting to yourself and of interacting with others. It's a transformational journey, preparing the ground for and increasing the effectiveness of any techniques and methods that might be helpful in day-to-day leadership situations. 

The coaching process is based on a holistic approach and on the newest insights of neuroscience as well as on the paradigms and leadership models of the 21rst century. You will gain quickly and effectively insights, and you 


  • improve your self-awareness and self-leadership.
  • build trust to improve the quality of your relationships.
  • activate areas of the brain (brain-systems) that foster synergies in interactions and conversations with others.
  • embrace or initiate change with confidence, and actively steer the change process to reach your goals.

The YouLead Coaching Model integrates scientific and research based  insights into practical and easy to understand concepts and exercises for direct application in your daily leadership practice. Change is experiential and explains itself to you. 

Boost your Leadership Quality

Leadership is not depending on a formal position or authority. Therefore, developing leadership quality in any role within an organization will foster personal and professional effectiveness and career development. Even in an expert role with very specialized knowledge, leadership and the quality of interaction with others improves the personal contribution to the organization by creating innovative solutions and achieving better results in collaboration with others. Being able to have difficult and controversal discussions without getting blocked by conflicts and broadening the personal influence ensures professional success in a way that is authentic to you.

It is expected from executives that they achieve a certain organizational outcome with their leadership and managerial effectiveness, be it business result driven, vision and strategy development, implementing change, developing business, innovation, organizational and people development and many more expected achievements. Leaders are required to achieve results through the contribution of others. Command and control is to be replaced by co-creative and community centric approaches.

We use center stage in the coaching process the responsible power, strength, collaboration and social intelligence for the (self)-leadership of free and interdependant individuals forming communities and modern organizations with adaptability and innovation power in times of rapid changes, thriving towards sustainable and future-proof well-being. 

The coaching process focuses on your very specific goals, depending on your unique challenge or ambition. There are however principles that always will be respected.

  • Be always true to yourself
  • Be clear on your intention
  • Be flexible in your leadership approach for the best possible outcome
  • Be effective in navigating and shaping organizational culture
  • Be clear when to lead and when to manage
  • Be aware of your sweet spot in leadership which maximizes your contribution

The Coaching Process

First aim

Create awareness and     well-being

You need to know

  • who you are - BEING body-mind-emotional-spiritual
  • what you want - VISION
  • why you want it - MISSION
  • how you want to feel - DRIVERS
  • what is holding you back - OBSTACLES and BLOCKAGES
  • your hardwired human skills to built trust and leverage your beneficial interactions with others 

Second aim

Define goals and strategies

You need to know

  • your focus on what brings you forward on your journey
  • how to leverage your strengths
  • how to overcome obstacles and blockages
  • how to manage risk
  • which resources and skills you need and you already have
  • which unnecessary burdens to release and to let go
  • how to realize your strategies with actions that lead to desired results
  • how to learn

Third aim

Creativity, Flexibility, Adaptability

to build into your thinking, plans and actions, because it

  • increases the number of your choices
  • creates innovation
  • reduces resistance and conflict
  • keeps you on the path of success

Fourth aim

Apply Mindfulness

because it gives you

  • your full power in the moment that counts  - NOW
  • the freedom to respond instead of an urge to react
  • appreciation for the blessings you have and eagerness for more

Is coaching right for you?

Coaching is an investment in your future with immediate benefits returned to you. With a professional coach, you reach your goals faster because you are supported, encouraged and challenged along the way while being held accountable to stay focused and to progress. Feel free to ask for more information using the contact form.

You are very welcome to subscribe to a free coaching inquiry session. When the date for this session is agreed, you will receive a short questionnaire as a preparation to be returned prior to the appointment. After our conversation, you decide whether engaging into coaching is your best option right now.