Organizational Development


Personal & Organizational Innovation

Tailormade Consulting Projects with Executive, Group and Team Coaching

Organizational Development and Consulting for personal and organizational innovation based on a systemic and transformative process with Theory U.

Lead&Learn&Develop Projects to transform organizational culture with collective and co-creative leadership.

Organizational Development enables an organization to operate at it's optimum. When getting the organization to peak performance seems like a cumbersome and exhausting battle, business results, innovation and growth will be impacted. This might reveal itself in an unsatisfied and frustrated workforce, lack of ownership and collaboration at the management team and among peers, and in inefficient or ineffective systems, work and communication processes or equipment. 

  • Tap into the real intention on individual and shared level for creating the organizational future
  • 7 phases of the process from intention to prototype and scaling 
  • Experiment-Rooms in organizations and networking 
  • Future-Capacity of People and Organization

Grow Potential

The organization's qualified professionals, key knowledge workers, experts and executives become a strategic asset in today's fast changing and highly innovative environment with rapid technological progress, global competition and demographic change. Our consultancy projects aim at increasing the individual's and organizational potential. They embed individual and organizational learning in real life projects for direct and measurable results. 


Lead&Learn&Develop to enhance people´s lifelong learning and future-proof employability to support the organization´s growth in a sustainable way for achieving the results that matter.


  • Leadership that values and supports learning and professional development.
  • Learning with the mindset of self-directed, independent learning, using a variety of approaches, methods and tools to create a learning organization with an ever evolving skillset.
  • Development of qualified professionals, key knowledge workers, experts and executives. 

"An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success." Stephen R. Covey 

Organizational Development means Change. It is crucial to picture the future desired state and to create a frame where individuals can feel safe, heard and encouraged to actively contribute to the construction of the organization's future. 

What needs change in your organization?


  • Culture : do you have the culture you want? Is your organization's vision and mission up-to-date and aligned with the culture? Is the leadership and management approach congruent? Do your employees see purpose and meaning in working in your organization?
  • People : do you convey through your leadership that people matter? Are individuals and teams engaged, empowered and accountable with a strong sense of ownership? Are people developed individually such that they experience growth and progress in their professional life? Does learning and development translate into innovative approaches?
  • Systems : are your systems a support to the productivity of people? Or are systems limiting the creativity, flexibility and adaptability of the people and the organization? Are your business and organization models geared towards future value creation and enabling organizational well-being? 

How can you grow the potential of your organization?


  • Potential : are culture, people and systems mutually supportive components to expand the organization's potential beyond current limits? Does your organization have leaders across the organization who gain people's hearts and minds, relying on mutual support, collaboration and a shared learning experience while exploring new territory? Are you multiplying the effects of good leadership by developing self-leadership of everyone? Are you creating future-proof business with healthy, productive, entrepreneurial and innovative people?

How can your organization deliver 100% of it's potential?


  • Results : does your organization have the adaptability to rebalance after a turbulence and to occupy the space created for growth? Does your organization resemble a community of people, engaged on the common objectives and acting as a unit with individual strengths fully deployed? Are your business results on track?

Each consultancy project is developed and tailor-made to your organization in respect of your unique intention. The social-organic transformation process involves change-makers that are representative of the system, being able to see the whole. It taps into the people’s intention to create a shared intention in your organization leveraging the full human BEING. Measures are established as leading indicators to evaluate progress and achievements. Every consulting project is a unique learning experience at individual and at organizational level.