Boost your leadership quality with the 3-minute strategy

Who doesn’t want to be a good leader, manager or supervisor? Excellent cognitive capabilities, creative and strategic thinking and analytical, planning, problem solving and decision making skills are the basics in a leader’s toolset. Creating mutually beneficial interactions with others based on emotional and social intelligence is also a well proven characteristic of good leadership. Instead, how many times are leaders unable to show their best leadership behaviour in their interactions with others when, in a blink of an eye, flipping into a headless or careless behaviour?

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Touch Down Inside

Where the journey of a good leader begins.

Few leaders and executives are at ease admitting their feelings. Putting a good face on things, no matter how it’s looking inside, is more than often standard routine. But sometimes, the emotions boil over. Both inwardly turned stress as well as emotional outbursts are signs of something going on inside of us. We might not giving it our attention. Where it can lead to

when we disregard our inner voice over an extended period of time, we can experience first-hand when bodily signals appear. An ear noise stays longer. Eye twitches appear. The sleep becomes restless. These are signs that our body is reaching the limit of it’s abilities, coming close to exhaustion and overwork. 

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